Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's Raining Babies...Better, It's Raining Girls!!

So Congrats to DeAnna on the newest Hanson-to-be, maybe the 4th pregnancy won't be has hard as the previous 3, one can only hope!! For Melanie and Adam and Jeni and Greg, Congrats on finding out that you are having girls. You are both welcome anything and everything I have as I am not planning on getting pregnant (if I can) anytime soon! :)

My Black and White Wall.....

Here are pictures for my wall. I haven't taken anything new because Isabella is fighting a bad cold and doesn't feel like doing much or having her picture taken. Some of these you have seen and some you have not. For now this is the best I can do.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sincerest Apologies

I have not posted in a while, I have not taken pictures in a while. I promise I will post at least 4 new ones this week. Bug, Jax, Yo, Lil' Bit's Mommy, Sister, I know you missed it the most. I am back!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Talented Mom..At Least Isabella Thinks So

Isabella got a new Doodlepro (Fisher Price's version of Magnadoodle) this week and asked me to draw pictures of her Dad and Me. Let me just say it's not that easy creating works of art with magnet dust. I asked her if she wanted me to show the pictures on this blog and she said yes. So here you go. Comment your tails off, I know you want to!

Giuliana in Cheetah Print

Just another pair of overalls that also belonged to Isabella but she never got to wear. Yo, this post is for you!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It Worked This Time....sort of

Well at least they won the game. I think it helped that Jake and I were also wearing Bronco gear. Oh yeah, I doubt Isabella will be wearing that jersey much longer, I asked Jake if I should get Lynch or Plummer....he was wrong. :)


Nice shirt Grandpa!

Bella showing off her jersey

I Love Overalls!!

I love overalls, the girls look so cute in them! I have to make sure the shirts are pink though, otherwise I get "you have a very cute son," which I hate. Anyway I love putting Giuliana in Isabella's old clothes, I like to see how different or similair they are. They are the same age here. I think they look really different!

Thanks Mom!

My Mom sent me a really nice cookie bouquet for my birthday. You can't see it but Mickey Mouse fell off as soon as I took it out of the box. Isabella said he was very yummy! Isn't this a cute idea!! I love it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

It's My Birthday and I'll Read If I Want To

I bought this book as a present for myself and I absolutely love it. I finally get to hear an inspirational story about a stay at home wife and mother who enjoyed every aspect of taking care of her family. It really touched my heart and I just thought I would share. A wonderful book for all women.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Do You Know Who is Who?

I am currently editing some pictures that I am going to print out soon to make a black and white photo wall (thanks for the idea DeAnna) and I found these two adorable pictures. Can you tell which baby is Bella and which one is Giuli?

Fun at the Park

We had a great time at the park today. Isabella has no fear now, she was up the stairs and down the first slide before I had Giuliana out of the stroller. I love having a park this close but I wish they had swings too. :(

An Artist At Work....and Me

Isabella painted her very own picture fram and little wooden star that we are going to glue on it yesterday. I think there is about 8 coats of paint on that frame. :) She had a great time mixing the paints into the colors she wanted and washing the brushes. Oh yeah, and I finished painting Giuliana's letters for her room. :)

Just Cute

I took these pictures on Sept 11th that's why the girls are wearing red, white and blue. I just thought they were cute. The last one is of Isabella helping me make dinner, now every time we go in the kitchen she goes to the pantry and says, "wash potatoes?" She makes me laugh.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years....Seems Like Yesterday

It's not where were you, it's where are you now.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

We Tried.....

We all had our Bronco gear on, but it just wasn't enough. These pink outfits actually have skirts that go with them but it was too chilly today for skirts. The first two pictures were taken after dinner so pardon the messy faces. Isabella was very excited to hand down her old Bronco pajamas, I think Giuliana was happy too!

The Rockies Game with Mr, Mrs, and Baby Z!

Last night we went to the Rockies game with Jeni and Greg and had a really nice time. It was a little chilly and we had to leave early to put the kids to bed but it was all worth it. Jeni and Greg live in Parker which might as well be Guam since it's about 40 minutes from us and we never get to see them. Now that they are going to have a baby in January I hope that we can get the kids together more as they get older. She's going to hate me for saying this but she looks really sweet with her little belly!! :)

Greg, Giuliana and Jeni, practicing for parenthood

Giuliana and Jeni

Giuliana trying to keep warm

Welcome Fall

It was nice and cool yesterday and we are ready for it. Bring on the Fall, changing leaves, woodburning stoves and cozy sweatshirts. Yesterday morning Isabella didn't even want to go eat breakfast, when I went to pick her up she grabbed her book and said "snuggle with you?" So we got into bed and read books with "Bo" for over an hour, until hunger set it. :) Also I am so happy to put Giuliana is some of Isabella's old clothes. They are opposite season kids so even though I have tons of clothes, very few actually get worn again. If the cooler weather sticks around I will have the chance to put her in lots of things Bella never got to wear. :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bananas Out. Prunes In (Gag!)

Well Giuliana loves prunes. Hates bananas. She is not my child. The funny part, Isabella loved the prunes too, not when she was a baby, today.


When Giuliana got up this morning for her 5am bottle and diaper change we had a shadow. For some reason Maggie was very interested in what we were doing and this was the scene I found when I came back from throwing Giuliana's diaper away. Who's the baby? Maggie followed us upstairs, came into Giuliana's room when I put her back to bed, and then ran down the stairs (not easy on 3 legs) and practically raced me to bed. I was glad she came, I feel like she was our own personal guard dog! Isn't she scary???

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Typical Day in the Hoban Household

Get up, let the dogs out
Play with your sister
paint a picture
pose for a picture
pose again for a picture
start to get sleepy
take a bath, go to bed.
Oh to be a kid again.